The correct balance of Minerals and Trace Elements has long been understood by scientists as essential for not only the health of mankind, but also for the existence of all plant and animal life which includes our food chain.

Deep Ocean Water is rich in bioavailable ionic minerals and trace elements which we can quickly absorb through our mouth or even directly though our skin. Likewise, plants and animals can also rapidly absorb and efficiently activate the minerals from deep ocean water. Plants grow quicker and stronger. Animals are healthier and more immune resistant.

There are various layers of ocean water circulating at various speeds and depths. The seawater current moves large volumes of seawater to a depth of 250 meters rapidly around the globe. Below the surface seawater current, we find very slow moving deep ocean water. It is no longer penetrated by sunlight and is always below 10° Celsius.

Deep Ocean Water is only easily accessible form the coastlines of Taiwan, Kima Jima (one of the Okinawa Prefecture Islands) and Hawaii. Taiwan has the deepest accessible ocean water which is sourced to produce our standardized deep ocean mineral ingredients.

For over 20 years, we have developed manufacturing technologies to access the deep ocean water and then standardize the mineral content so that it can be incorporated into applications for food, beverage, skin care, animal feeds and plant nutrients.

Applications for Deep Ocean Minerals

Our extracts can be formulated into a wide range of health and cosmetic products.

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Food and Beverage

Standardized Deep Ocean Minerals can be added during food preparation phase. The minerals are heat stable and will enhance flavour and taste.

Cosmetics and Skin

We have developed a range of NMF serums from Deep Ocean Water containing high concentrations of ionic minerals and trace elements, which help rejuvenate the skin. The mineral concentration creates an oily skin sensation. These minerals in their ionic form are easily absorbed into the epidermis.


Possible applications include hydroponic culture, aquaculture and micro algae


Possible applications include: * Mineral deficiency * DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) * Infant formulas * Autoimmune disease * Fatigue reduction * Anti Aging