About PDOB

Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co Ltd (PDOB) was formed to pioneer the potential applications of the rich pure source of minerals and trace elements in Deep Ocean Water.

We source deep ocean water from a depth of over 660 meters near Taitung and Hualien on the east coast of Taiwan. This is a beautiful region with rugged steep mountains coming down to the coast line.

Over the last 15 years, the Taiwan Government has generously sponsored research and development to improve the technologies to access deep ocean water and to then concentrate the minerals and trace elements. Additionally, they have sponsored clinical trials, agricultural trials and fisheries trials to establish the merits of deep ocean water. PDOB mission is to commercialize the many applications using deep ocean water.

We will continue to undertake research and focus on the potential and exciting biotech applications.

We aim to also expand and create employment opportunities that relate to the ocean and the history of the region. The manufacturing facilities already incorporate green technologies and environmental policies to compliment the beautiful landscape.

We are seeking to establish partnerships with other innovative companies who want to collaborate and utilize our unique technologies and experience.