Cosmetics and Skin

Trans-Dermal ingredient for Cosmetic Innovation

Why formulate cosmetic products with deep ocean minerals?

  • Acts as a natural moisturising factor in the stratum corneum
  • Increasing the degree of saturation of the skin which reduces fine lines and makes the skin soft and elastic
  • Rehydration of the skin is promoted
  • Regulation of physiological functions

Benefits of Deep Ocean Mineral Serum

  • Transdermal
  • Mineral rich – 70 essential minerals and trace elements
  • Standardised mineral profile
  • Nutrient rich profile – no photosynthesis takes place in the deep sea
  • Stable under low and high temperatures
  • domS™ quickly and easily penetrates the skin to enable deeper and faster hydration
  • The chemical composition is similar to that of human blood plasma, making it “natural” for our bodies and easily absorbed into the skin and the underlying muscle tissue
  • domS™ can help stimulate the function of fibroblast in our cells, which promotes and supports natural collagen production