The human body constantly needs macro minerals and micro trace elements that can be found in DOW to maintain its energy management. We particularly need soluble minerals or electrolytes to help us maintain optimum cellular fluid levels and keep our body´s pH in balance. Deficiencies in macro minerals and micro trace elements can lead to pre-mature ageing, immune dysfunction and susceptibility to cardiovascular related diseases. Regular dietary consumption of the optimum ratios of macro minerals can greatly increase vitality and one´s quality of life.

Macro minerals and trace elements found in deep have three important functions:

  1. Provide the structure to our organs, tissues and bones – calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, fluorine and sulphur, all present in our concentrates.
  2. The electrolyte form facilitates body fluid activity in tissues to maintain fluid balance, acid- base balance, membrane permeability, tissue irritability (including nerve transmission and muscle contraction) – sodium, potassium chloride, calcium and magnesium in blood, all present in our concentrates.
  3. Magnesium alone catalyses over 300 enzyme and hormone reactions.

Evidence for therapeutic use reach back to the old Greeks. Today, we are able to access deep ocean minerals and with new desalination technology, adjust mineral ratios to broaden and better target health applications. Companies often refer to this a balancing deep ocean water. Most of the more recent scientific research into the benefits of deep ocean water has been conducted in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Hawaii.

It falls under the following categories.

  • Fatigue Syndromes
  • Cardio Vascular Disease Prevention
  • Metabolic Syndrome

A current review of the possible applications was recently published in ‘Heart Health’ and can be downloaded here: