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Opportunity to Work with 2000 Year-Old Deep Ocean Water for Functional Benefits

October 20th , 2015, Taipei Asia Pacific Food Industry Magazine issued an article about the uniqueness and features of Deep Ocean Water.  It states that the Deep Ocean Water is the most ancient water in the world that takes 2000 years to complete one-way journey around the globe. 2000 Year-Old Seawater All Bottled In […]

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The Fatigue Fighter and Performance Winner!

Deep Ocean Minerals (DOMs) from the East Taiwan Coast Deep Ocean Minerals (DOMs) is the newest Innovation to supercharge Sports and Energy Formulaes. You can add new life to your “Balance” and “Holistic” formulas with DOMS backed by Science. NEW Clinical Research demonstrates that Deep Ocean Minerals from the East Coast of Taiwan reduces physical […]

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Invitation to connect with PDOB

For the latest development on Deep Ocean Minerals and industry news, please follow us on our official Facebook and Linkedin page. Official PDOB Linkedin Page   Official PDOB Facebook Page   Official PDOB Webpage    

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