Pacific Deep Ocean Biothch(PDOB)’s Key Manufacturing Process has Awarded a Patent

July 2015, Taipei Taiwan 

The Intellectual Property Office of Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), has granted the Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech(PDOB) a patent on the Deep Ocean Water processing system on June 21th, 2015. The name of the patent is “Extraction System to concentrate high amount of Magnesium from Sea Water.” 

The key patented process is to use specialized filters and heat treatments. There is a Nano Filter(NF) apparatus that selectively concentrate and de-concentrate macro minerals such as increasing Magnesium, and lowering Sodium and Potassium via filters and heated vacuum extracting process. Currently this technology advancement is ahead of other manufactures in a way that others cannot control free-associating ions.


Focus on the multifaceted needs of the mineral market, Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech (PDOB) is the world’s only deep ocean minerals(DOM®) bulk ingredient provider capable of providing the customers with a customized and reliable DOM® and trace elements that is “no additives” and “all natural” to the worldwide customers with high quality functional products.


If there are any enquiries to our Deep Ocean Minerals(DOM) products, please contact:

Harry Chai 蔡元洋

Senior Global Business Development Manager