The Fatigue Fighter and Performance Winner!

Deep Ocean Minerals (DOMs) from the East Taiwan Coast

Deep Ocean Minerals (DOMs) is the newest Innovation to supercharge Sports and Energy Formulaes. You can add new life to your “Balance” and “Holistic” formulas with DOMS backed by Science.

NEW Clinical Research demonstrates that Deep Ocean Minerals from the East Coast of Taiwan reduces physical fatigue. In ten years time, it will be standard protocol to use Deep Ocean Minerals to optimise the minerals in our diets and nutrition. Sports drinks and protein powders will all be formulated with Deep Ocean Minerals. While Energy Beverages will be based on non-caffeinated, natural mineral formulations, following the Little Big Shot as a leading product in UK and Dubai.

With our product development and strategic partner Virun®, we have work together to formulate stabilized beverages with DOM + Astaxanthin, DOM + Omega-3 EPA & DHA that deliver clean label claims and eco-friendly sustainable solutions. The combination of DOM with VIRUN’s patents, ensures a natural low metal content to avoid reactivity with omega-3 EPA and DHA, all-the-while delivering a consistent level of Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium.

It’s important that the human body constantly receives macro minerals and micro trace elements to maintain its energy management. We particularly need soluble minerals and electrolytes to help us maintain optimum cellular fluid levels and keep our body´s pH in balance. DOM contains over 70 minerals and trace elements in relevant ratios to our plasma. So, uptake is fast and efficient.


Macro minerals and trace elements found in deep ocean water have three important functions:

  1. Provide the structure to our organs, tissues and bones – calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus and sulphur, all present in DOW.
  2. The electrolyte form facilitates body fluid activity in tissues to maintain fluid balance, acid-base balance, membrane permeability, tissue irritability (including nerve transmission and muscle contraction) – sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium in blood, all present in DOMs.
  3. Magnesium alone, potentially catalyses up to 600 enzyme and hormone reactions.

It all started in 2009 when scientists at the National Taiwan Ocean University, observed that wistar rats drinking deep ocean mineral water during fatigue induced treadmill trials had less fatigue and better lactic acid elimination. These results were published in the Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, 2009, by Shang-Ta Wang.   A further gerbil animal trial at the Hung Kuang University, Taichung, Taiwan, endorsed the wistar rat trial and again demonstrated that deep ocean minerals significantly improved exercise performance during endurance treadmill exercise. Published in the Biology of Sport, 2014, by FC Cheng.


Human testing of DOMs to improve physical performance and recovery from fatigue underwent its first human phase in 2013. The department of Sports Sciences, Taipei University, conducted a randomised double blind placebo controlled cross-over human study to evaluate the effect of Deep Ocean Minerals on time recovery following a fatiguing exercise routine at 30°C. DOMs supplementation resulted in complete recovery of aerobic power within 4 hours. Muscle power was also elevated above placebo levels within 24 hours of recovery. Increased circulating creatine kinase (CK) and myoglobin, indicators of exercise-induced muscle damage, were completely eliminated by DOM in parallel with attenuated oxidative damage. Researchers concluded that the results provide compelling evidence that DOMs contains soluble elements, which can increase human recovery following an exhaustive physical challenge. This was published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2013 by Chien Wen Hou.

A group of scientists and nutrition specialists in Taiwan have formed a company called Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co. Ltd., to fund further deep ocean mineral research. The human sports endurance study is being replicated using both elite sports people and aging subjects. One of China´s leading Medical Institutes has already duplicated the studies and we are waiting publication. The Sports Science Faculty at Derby University has also started to examine the potential use of DOMs. We anticipate seeing more research published during 2015.

We at Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech want to work with you to upgrade your products with DOMs!

We have three Deep Ocean Water products, with over 70 minerals and trace elements. Our deep ocean mineral products are standardised on magnesium, using a proprietary technology to concentrate the minerals and reduce the sodium chloride.

  1. Liquid Ocean Minerals- with minimum 4% Magnesium, concentrated 60 times
  2. Liquid Ocean Minerals- with minimum 6% Magnesium, concentrated 250 times
  3. Powdered Ocean Minerals –with minimum 3.5% Magnesium, concentrated 40 times

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